Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): Our behavior analysts provide individual assessments & design interventions to address the specific needs of your family. We help increase behaviors such as: language acquisition, cooperation, pre-academic readiness, toilet training, safety awareness, self-management, and other socially valued behaviors.  We also assist with reduction of severe problem behaviors such as aggression or self-injury. We help people throughout their lives as needed, addressing the unique challenges faced by children, teens & adults.

Early Intensive Behavior Interventions (EIBI) for individuals with Autism: Intensive services for children with a diagnosis of Autism focus on core behavioral deficits and excesses. Parents participate in 1:1 intensive intervention between an analyst and child. A behavior analyst conducts an assessment addressing areas of need and challenging behaviors. The assessment and intervention plan are proposed to address specific behavioral goals. Recommendations consider individual needs, age, hours of other interventions, and the family's ability to participate. The intent of this program is early intervention with the goal of preparing children for the academic environment and demands of a quality public education. Services are ended when behavioral goals are achieved. Transition planning to public education is an important part of this service. Services are transitioned to a community, social setting to assist the individual in generalizing learned skills.

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